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We make it easy to share your travel photos

Our Trained Editors

scan your photos for great smiles and moments of joy — so you don't have to.

Live in the Moment

Go ahead, enjoy your travels & snap away like there's no tomorrow.

How it Works

Choose Your Days

We'll automatically push the photos that fall within these days to our server.

Snap a Lot of Photos

Have some fun, live a little & don't think twice. Our Editors will be ready do the work.

Re-live, Review & Share

Your Top Picks magically appear in a private photostream. Everything is easy when you have beautiful photos at the tip of your fingers.

Add Another Phone

Traveling in a Group? Invite a Friend or Family to join your photostream. You'll each get the Top Picks from both phones in a common stream.

Live the Dream & Keep your riends Happi

Daily Top Pics

Our Editors also create a page from your daily Top Pics for you to enjoy & share

Behind The Scenes

Family Friendly

We take great care to manage the security & privacy of your photos. Access to your photos is carefully monitored and tracked during the Editing process. Nothing is shared with the public until you share it.

Sustainable Social Impact

We partner with social enterprises around the world to recruit editors from under-privileged members of the global community. We're committed to creating sustainable work opportunities that offer a market-based solution to poverty.

Your dollar not only buys you time & convenience, but also a living wage for someone living on as little as $2/day.

While You Sleep

We have editors on stand-by in timezones around the world. We carefully route your photostream to the Editor that fits your needs — often thats someone who works while you sleep.

No Data? No Problem!

Our App is optimized for fast uploads whenever you have a WiFi connection.


You choose the days you want us to follow, and we'll edit the photostream. No matter how many photos you snap, you're only charged by the time between your first and last photo.



Unlimited photos over any 24 hrs
or 100 photos over any period



Unlimited photos over any 7 consecutive days



Unlimited photos over any 30 consecutive days

Friends & Family

50% Off

Add a 2nd phone FREE, and
Half-price for each additional phone


Snaphappi On-The-Go

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About Snaphappi

Our mission is to help our users connect more deeply with their family photos by making the experience fun & easy.

Only Snaphappi uses Trained Editors (real people) assisted by sophisticated algorithms to screen your family photos. We'll find your beautiful photos and hide duplicates, saving you hours of time and making it fun and easy to re-live your precious moments.

And as a social enterprise, we're committed to creating sustainable work opportunities in developing countries.

Let us do the work so you can just play.

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